Thompson: "My team has the best passers"


Zurich, Switzerland, May 10, 2015 – Volero Zurich’s American star Courtney Thompson said her side showed a lot of character as they beat Rexona AdeS to claim bronze at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship.

Courtney Thompson, Volero Zurich: “I’m so proud of my team. We showed a lot of character today. We might have given up in the past. Getting a medal is really special, and something Volero haven’t done before. We didn’t want to end the season with the bad taste of yesterday’s defeat in our mouths. Our libero Silvija was amazing today and my team are just the best passers. It makes my job great fun.”

Avital Selinger, Volero Zurich: “We played like a real team today and were able to dominate. I said to my team that you need to make sacrifices and work hard, and that’s what we did. We thought that the team who wanted the win more would win it, and we had to make sure that was us. I told them to go get it, and they did. We’ve very happy and hopefully this is the start of something for Volero.”


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