Fofao plays down injury fears


Fofao is playing in her last tournament in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland, May 7, 2015: Fofao insisted that an injury scare in her last tournament before retiring is nothing to be concerned about after she helped Rexona Ades beat Volero Zurich at the FIVB Volleyball Women’s Club World Championship on Wednesday.

Fofao, Rexona Ades: “There is no problem with my knee and I’ll be fit for the next match. All the attention about my last match doesn’t bother me. It’s a reward for a long career. I started at the Club World Cup and it is special to play at this level for my last match. There is no pressure on me to win. I can play free and express myself.”

Bernardo Rezende, Rexona Ades coach: “It was an incredible, intensive and tight opening game for us today. We had to play our best volleyball to overcome Volero Zurich. This was a very important game since we wanted to start well into this important tournament. Now we want to keep the pace high for the game versus Mirador – and for the games on the weekend. That’s the reason why we focus on our game – not on all the discussions about Fofao’s career end.”

Courtney Thompson, Volero Zurich: “It’s absolutely frustrating that we won almost as many points as they did, but lost 3-1. That’s volleyball for you – it is all about winning those key points, and that’s where we came up short today. They are a strong, scrappy side and did well, but these are the really fun games to play in. It was great playing against Fofao, because she is a hero of mine. She is flying the flag for short setters. I’ve always looked up to her, she a fighter, a leader, and has that calm intensity about her.”

Avital Selinger, Volero Zurich coach: “Both sides were at a very high level today and it was so close. We kept our intensity up, but it slipped a little bit in that last set, which is where we lost it. I am very satisfied with the spirit of the team and very proud of the girls. This is just the preliminary round though and we can improve. We just need to win those crucial set points when we get them.”


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